Wesley Crider
Wesley Crider
Multi-Award Winning Guitarist

Wesley Crider

Wesley got his first guitar at age six and learned three chords – G, C, & D. Oh, where those three little chords lead… He became enamored with the styles of Merle Travis & Chet Atkins, because of his older brother’s love for those players. He was hooked on the thumb-and-finger style of guitar playing! Wesley’s dad bought him a “Play Along With Chet” album, and the first song he learned to play was “Windy & Warm“. After learning many Chet Atkins tunes, Wesley then moved on to learn the picking styles of Jerry Reed, Albert Lee, Ray Flack and Brent Mason.
Wesley performed on many Southern Gospel albums & with several Gospel groups including Day Star, The Trailblazers, The New Hinsons, The Called Vocal Group, and Solid Ground.
In 2004, Wesley took First Place at the Chet Atkins International Competition. He still backs bands and singers from time to time, but his forte is playing his Wallace Guitar on stage by himself. With his “part Chet – part Jerry” style, along with his home-spun humor, he’s well….   just Wesley Crider!
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"Wesley Crider’s ability on the guitar is as honest and great as he is as a person. The skillful way in which he expresses his competency on a guitar uniquely exemplifies his musicianship and creativity. There’s no doubt this man has a gift from God. I’m also glad to call him my friend."