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world champion finger style guitar

Born September 30, 1968 in Hamilton Ohio, Wesley was the fourth child born into a family of seven raised by father Dennis & mother Naomi. His dad gave him his first guitar at age six and taught him his first chords G, C, & D. It was a beginner’s harmony accoustic guitar with a Mel Bay chord book.

His older brother Lloyd (ten years older than Wesley) played guitar in the styles of Merle Travis & Chet Atkins. Lloyd traveled and preached throughout the United States. Lloyd came home one Thanksgiving & gave Wesley an 8-track tape of Chet Atkins that changed Wesley’s life forever. He wanted to be a thumb-style player from that moment on.
Wesley’s dad bought him a Play Along with Chet album, and the first song he learned to play was Windy & Warm.

Life-long family friend Earl Eleton played lead guitar at church and when Wesley was eight years old, he learned this man wasn’t Chet Atkins. Earl sounded so much like Chet Atkins and this influenced Wesley to play thumb-style guitar.

After learning many Chet-tunes, Wesley then moved on to learn the picking style of Jerry Reed. At age 25 he became interested in Albert Lee, Ray Flack, & Brent Mason.

Wesley has performed on many southern gospel albums & with several gospel groups including Day Star, The Trailblazers, The New Hinsons, The Called Vocal Group, and Solid Ground.